Silicone Render

What you should know about Silicone Render?

Silicone Render belongs to a group of decorative thin layer plasters. In essence it’s a thin coat applied to a wall with decorative and insulative intent.

Depending on the size and amount of aggregate used, a silicone render helps to achieve vast and varied, surface textures, like the popular and commonly applied ‘rustic texture render’.

The silicone binder used during silicone renders production perfectly preserves the coated surface and protects the external wall, as well as the existing render against water absorption.

There are several layers that form a silicone render system. The thin coat render is a base underlayer. That is cladded with a silicone top coat which prevents any rain from penetrating the surface. It’s also hydrophobic, which makes the silicone render a fantastic repellent of dirt and grime, as the muck does not stick and is swiftly washed away with the frequent, British rain.

The self cleaning render effect (a practical, functional quality of thin coat silicone renders), makes this product very desirable. This characteristic of the silicone render can be used to obtain not only a durable, protective finishing layer for the wall, but also to create a slightly wet form of insulation.

We prepare silicone rendering in Manchester, Cheshire, and all surrounding areas.


A waterproof surface

As mentioned above, Silicone Render is a hydrophobic and non-absorbable substance. Water repellent and insulative, this material is a go-to product for external wall cladding and finishing.

Resistance to contamination

A Silicone Render is naturally resistant to contamination, and a correctly applied façade will last for decades. Besides being easily washed, a silicone render also protects the wall against mould and fungus, which are a common threat to the British infrastructure.

Active biological substances are added to the product in order to prevent growth of mould and fungi. Therefore even in a relatively wet and damp environment, common in British climate, you may effectively prevent the formation of permanent contamination that threatens the building façade.

Impervious to general damage

The possibility of cracking and scratching are always looming: workmanship errors, temperature fluctuations, building instability or even minute earthquakes. A silicone render finish will try to eliminate all the potential damage.

Optimal flexibility is also an advantage of this form of finishing. The use of silicone resins increases the general elasticity of a silicone finish, therefore emergence of cracks and scratches is minimised, even on thin coat renders.

Available in many colours

A silicone finishing coat can be supplied in virtually any hue, while maintaining the wondrous properties mentioned above. There is no one shade recommendation which makes silicone render ideal. We do believe, however, that lighter shades of a coloured render are universally applicable, but above all, timeless.


  • Silicon render is Water repellence
  • Anti-crack capabilities / properties
  • High levels of impact resistance
  • Vapour permeable, allowing the release of excess condensation
  • Exceptional weather proofing properties
  • Can be applied to a wide variety of substrates
  • Very low maintenance with self cleaning
  • Excellent adhesive and ease of application
  • 50 year track performance throughout Europe
  • The product carries a BBA certificate and manufactured to ISO 9001 standard
  • Product will not chip, peel, flake or discolour
  • Our rendering systems are frost resistant
  • Our rendering systems add value to your property. Benefit = return on your investment
  • Eliminates mould, algae and moss
  • Can be applied both on polystyrene and mineral wool
  • Silicone render are vapour permeable
Silicone render on external wall - Rendad LTD


As mentioned above, Silicone render is used primarily during projects that are subjected to humidity, wetness, cold winds etc. But a thin coat render also works great when pollution is high. The house may be built in an area where the air quality is not the greatest – e.g. by a very busy street. Where all the soot or exhaust gasses rise and cling on to walls, darkening the walls and impacting their colour.

Thanks to a silicone render you can avoid the need for regular façade cleaning, since the pollution in form of sediment, dust, soot, dirt etc. does not penetrate the render and is easily washed away by rain.

It’s also worth applying a silicone render on buildings located near parks, forests, and water reservoirs. They provide good protection against fungi and algae and thus protect walls against the formation of an unsightly green overgrowth or lichen

The use of silicone resins as binders is also recommended when renovating old houses. Walls of such objects are highly vapour-permeable. During their thermo-modernisation, it is necessary to use a vapour-permeable plaster that will be compatible with the present insulation.

Silicone Render - Easy purchase, simple application

The main reason why silicone renders are widely used is because they are very easily applicable. Not to mention they’re a convenient, reliable and varied form of plaster coating.

The existing render products are manufactured from start to finish, meaning they can be purchased in a pre-made form, ready for instant use, directly at the construction site.

The contractors do not have to waste time in prepare mixtures, as is often done with cement for example. It allows for high efficiency of finishing works.

A fantastic silicone finish colour variety

Moreover, as is mention above, you may choose silicone render of any colour imaginable. By using pre-made, self coloured plaster masses, you not only avoid additional costs associated with the purchase of paint, but also other expenses associated with the painting service.

This is a crucial point, especially in case of thermal insulation works, because the necessary time of elevation scaffolding work can be shortened by a significant amount. In the case of other plastering/finishing methods, like mineral plasters, additional repainting with elevation paints is recommended, which can extend the refurbishing process, resulting in far greater costs.

All in all, a silicone render is an affordable, efficiently applied coating that lasts for decades, avoids getting dirty, can be easily cleaned and is waterproof + available in multiple colours.