Wood Cladding

What is Wood Cladding?

Modern construction is all about durability, as well as energy standards, which are regulated by law. Energy and environmentally friendly buildings are currently the most popular. In our offer you will also find wood cladding, which will allow them to fit into the framework of modern, responsible construction, while delighting with their beauty, originality and durability.

Wood has long been used as a structural and finishing material in construction and it continues to be one of the few building materials that can help us meet carbon zero goals. There is no simple answer about price of wood cladding. If you want to find out more – please contact us

Why choose a wooden facade?

For many reasons, among which the most important is high aesthetics of such elevation. Wood and its natural beauty have been fascinating for a long time and today it is experiencing a renaissance of its popularity. Their elegance is recognized by lovers of beautiful architecture and buildings covered with wooden facade not only stand out from others but also perfectly blend in with their surroundings – e.g. trees, green areas etc. What’s more – wood cladding is fully natural. A wood façade is a perfect match for other building materials.

Many people are afraid to invest in wood cladding because of a common misconception that wood is less durable than other materials for facades and may be biodegradable e.g. due to humidity. This is not true, because the facade boards are properly impregnated and are characterized by very high durability – up to several decades. Of course, thanks to the use of appropriate protective measures, it is also possible to maintain the high quality of the color of the boards, which will look beautiful throughout the entire period of their use.


  • Wood cladding is truly beautiful - timber is a natural material, and cladding has a wonderful warm
  • Natural and durable - wood cladding is the best solution for all houses
  • Environmentally friendly - timber is naturally renewable
  • Economical - cladding is always a good idea
  • Efficient - with its excellent insulation properties
  • Easily rejuvenated or redecorated
  • Wide availability of styles, textures and finish options encourages design innovation
  • Low carbon footprint - requires less energy to produce
  • Suitable for both new build and renovation projects


For facade made of wood, the most commonly used facade boards are larch (Siberian larch), pine (Scandinavian pine) or spruce (Scandinavian spruce). These are functional solutions, perfectly fulfilling their basic role, that is protection of the building against penetration of water from the outside and against negative influence of weather conditions.

Moreover, these species show good resistance to biological damage, to the formation of which contribute pests and fungi. Nowadays, the contractors more and more often use Canadian cedar, meranti and many other exotic species, which are characterized by beautiful appearance and appropriate utility values. In addition, they perform well in our climate.

The most important issue, however, is that the wood has the right moisture content, shaped at a level of 12-18%. Thanks to this, the boards will maintain their aesthetic appearance and will not deform. It is also worth ensuring that the materials are stored for several days before laying in a ventilated, covered and dry place.

Facade boards made of thermally modified wood are also available on the market. They guarantee very good protection of the building against weather conditions. This technology originates from Scandinavia, where wooden facades have a long history of use. Thermal treatment improves the properties of wood, reducing its absorbability and increasing thermal insulation, which in the case of facade materials is an extremely important issue.

Wood cladding on exterior wall - Rendad LTD"


Due to the above-average durability of our façade boards, their application depends only on the investors’ needs. They are perfect for our climate, ensuring many years of functionality and aesthetics. What’s more, they blend perfectly with other building materials and it is possible to obtain their various color variants, thanks to which a wooden elevation can look diverse and adjust its appearance completely to our expectations. Wooden board, once associated with out-of-town areas, today works well also in large agglomerations – allows you to distinguish the building from those that we see every day – having a facade of concrete or steel.