How much do rendering and cladding cost? Is it cheaper to render or clad?

The construction of our house is coming to an end. We’ve done the house’s foundations, we’ve chosen the most suitable roofing, and now it’s time to decide on the building facade. The facade is an integral part of the work. Why? The exterior elevations have a practical function and, at the same time, are very important for the appearance of the property. How much does an elevation cost? Is it cheaper to render or clad?

Render or clad? What is the best material for external cladding?

One of the first advantages mentioned when discussing an exterior render is its price. The render cost is not exorbitant, and as a result, this material is affordable for most people. However, when deciding on a cheap render, one must be careful that the low price is not reflected in poor quality. A low-cost render may seem to be better value for money than exterior wallboard, but it will do a poor job of protecting the building from the elements or be more challenging to keep clean. People building a house often choose rendering because of its easy installation. However, it is worth remembering that render can be used only in moderate temperatures (5 to 20 degrees Celsius), which automatically excludes several months of the year.

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Facade cladding can be an alternative to render. For example, it comes in the form of prefabricated panels and boards that can be efficiently “clad” around a house. The purchase and installation of facade cladding systems seem to be a more considerable undertaking than rendering. Exterior wall panels are not as popular and available as rendering, and you need to work a bit harder to install them. On the other hand, in the end, it is the quality that is most important. Facade claddings are durable, provide excellent insulation from harmful weather conditions. They can also be installed all year round, making it much easier to plan individual stages of construction. Exterior wall panels are also a solution for those who dream of a natural facade but cannot afford real wood or stone. Among the facings, you can find incredible imitations of them.

Is it cheaper to render or clad?

The choice of material inevitably influences the final cost. It is assumed that the cheapest materials usually turn out to be the elevation of the house covered with cement render. The average material cost for 1 m2 of elevation can be about £10-35 per square meter. Other renders (acrylic or silicone) will be more expensive on average by £30-60 per square meter. The price of labor also adds to the total cost.

A good quality wood cladding will be available in an extensive cost range. The average timber cladding cost per square meter starts at close to £20 per square meter. Choosing a premium cladding manchester will also affect the price, as higher quality cladding options can cost between £60 and £100 per square meter.

When discussing the building facade costs, it is also worth detailing decorative stone. The price of this material will largely depend on the type of stone itself. For example, the price of sandstone is about £40-£70 per square meter, while marble or granite facade panels can cost us £560-£750 per square meter.

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