What are the benefits of silicone render

Rendering is an important activity not only in terms of improving the aesthetic appearance of one’s home. This procedure allows you to easily fix and protect the wall surface from the destructive effects of the weather. Using of render finish provides higher durability and resistance to damage. A product characterized by such efficiency is silicone render. Learn about its properties and application!

Silicone render – what is it?What are the benefits of silicone render

Silicone render is a thin-coat render used to finish the external walls. It contains a mixture of polymeric binders and silicone resins with unique properties – mainly exceptional flexibility. Thanks to these raw materials, it is also characterized by high reliability, which makes silicone render not as relatively cheap render as mineral or traditional cement render. However, choosing silicone rendering will provide you correctly prepared surface.

Silicone render system has a firm structure, so it perfectly protects the facade and prevents the absorption of unwanted substances, microorganisms, and sunlight, which determines the durability of the household work and provides a nice finishing effect. Using it, you can decorate the external wall according to your visual preferences – the bead or lambskin technique. Exterior silicone render is a universal solution as acrylic render that will work on many surfaces, so it ranks first in this product category.

Properties of silicone render

Such thin-coat renders stand out from competing products thanks to their properties that determine the maintenance of the coloured render in good condition. The most important feature is its versatility in terms of the type of substrate. In addition, its properties can include:

  • Vapor permeability – prevents the appearance of moisture and its consequences between the render layer and the substrate. It is of great importance in the proper surface maintenance and protecting it from the development of fungi and mold.
  • Counteracting mold is also possible due to the presence in the composition of biologically active substances that nullify the development of microorganisms causing them. By choosing silicone renders, you can be sure that no unsightly tarnish will appear on the house facade.
  • Water repellent is another of the product’s properties. The render is hydrophobic, and due to this feature, water does not penetrate its interior and runs down the surface, not contributing to the formation of stains.
  • Thin coat silicone renders are characterized by high elasticity, as their composition includes resin binders. That translates into increased resistance to mechanical damage, cracks, and scratches.
  • Silicone render is also a self-cleaning render, which avoids frequently washing the walls from smog deposits or dirt from the street.

It is also worth distinguishing the other characteristics, such as ease of application, non-flammability, high performance, a wide range of colors, and resistance to sunlight. In addition, the silicone silicate render is environmentally friendly because of the absence of chemical compounds and solvents in the composition. Such a long list of properties allows us to say that it is not without reason that this type of render ranks first.

Is silicone render worth it?

Silicone render is a functional solution that will work in most cases, although there are situations where it is particularly worth reaching for this type of render. The major determinant of apply silicone render is the presence of mineral wool and polystyrene in the insulating layers – with these raw materials, you can boldly replace the existing render with silicone renders.

In addition, it will be ideal for houses in a humid area with much lower resistance to microbiological hazards (including the appearance of fungi and mold) and locations exposed to high air pollution. Self-cleaning properties will prevent the deposition of dust and dirt and the occurrence of dark streaks during rainfall. If you can afford it within your funds, it is also worth using silicone render in less demanding spaces, although the other products in this category (such as mineral render or acrylic render) will work perfectly here.

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